Organize A Party: The Steps To Follow

Indeed, ensuring the success of an associative event such as movie birthday party for example, including an evening, requires good organization in several stages.

Choose Location

However, the location is the first parameter to see because it will determine the budget and the authorizations requested.

Other Possible Locations

Gymnasiums and school canteens can also host an associative evening. The advantage is that the rental price is also affordable. The last alternative: is in a public place, such as a park or any other green space.

The Date, An Element To Consider Well In Advance

The sooner you set a date for your associative evening, the sooner you can start organizing your event. Indeed, it is by taking action early enough that you will guarantee the success of your event. Thus, you will be in time for authorization requests, insurance subscriptions, and equipment rental (chairs and tables, cutlery, sound system, etc.).

In addition, the choice of date will allow you to optimize your recipes. During long weekends, for example, and if no other event is scheduled, you will be sure to gather people and raise more funds. Of course, you will also have to think about the time.

Choose The Theme Of The Evening

The theme plays a unifying role and influences the success of the evening. Indeed, a catchy theme, in time, will encourage more people to come and will remain in the memory of all the participants. Among the themes you can choose: are masked evening, oriental evening with entertainment, cabaret evening, etc. Whatever theme you choose, the important thing is to please your guests and your members/volunteers.

Notify Guests And Manage Registrations

Invitations must be sent at least 3 weeks before D-Day, not the night before. Indeed, some people may have overloaded schedules, and letting them know early enough will save you from many empty places. Emails are the most effective means of notifying your guests of the evening. Of course, you can make a reminder by phone a week before the scheduled date. Note that it is advisable to send a personalized invitation for the people you would like to see present at your event (partners, sponsors, benefactor members or honorary members, etc.). For registrations for the evening, establishing a registration link will allow you to optimize their follow-up and know the exact number of participants.

Choosing An Online Ticket Office

Depending on the online ticket office you choose, you will be able to set the number of places, the specific prices (students, subscribers, members, unemployed, seniors, etc.), edit tickets with your logo and information on how to come on D-Day as well as elements highlighting your partners or certain information. Depending on the platform, you can also take advantage of a mobile application to scan the tickets at the entrance to your evening, reduce the queue and avoid encrustations. 

Also, check the transaction fees and commissions the platform charges, if any, and compare all the online ticketing solutions. 

The Choice Of Service Providers

Some platforms sometimes offer affordable provider services. Thus, during the evening, you can focus on what is important: meeting the participants, thanking them for coming, and having a few personalized words for everyone. It’s a mental load that allows you to keep an eye on the general organization without focusing on the details.